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Helping people train their mind to deliver better performances--and better results! 

Ben Bartell is a performance coach specializing in helping individuals dominate the mental side of performance.  He has used his experience and track record of success ‘in the arena’ as both an athlete and a coach to develop tools and techniques to bring success to players at all levels. Ben’s process is battle tested; his simple but effective techniques have been implemented in competition and on gameday--not just in an academic setting.

Ben is known for his passion and ability to communicate; to take complex ideas and communicate them in an accessible, easy to understand way.  He has helped numerous athletes, coaches, and teams build a high performance culture and create systems that deliver repeatable results.




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Ben has worked with athletes across multiple sports, bringing simple yet effective techniques to help athletes execute under pressure.  Ben's approach helps athletes develop a toolset to defeat performance anxiety, focus on what matters during crucial moments, and create a clear, concise, and repeatable performance plan. 


Ben is an expert on helping coaches alter their approach to athlete development by helping athletes unlock their most powerful tool: their mind! He has worked with coaches across multiple sports to develop language and tools to multiply the talent and ability of those around him; one great coach can positively affect everyone around them. 


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I long to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort and disappointment and perseverance.
— Vincent Van Gogh


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